This page explains how to proceed if you want to write a piece or if you want to send us a review item.

Deadlines for writers

5 January (for Spring) and 5 July (for autumn)

How to submit

Below are guidelines for submissions of articles, reviews, items you wish to be reviewed, short news, letters to the editor and comments.


If you have an idea for an article, please contact the editor first to discuss it. 

We normally will ask for a draft of the article and any large files or graphics sent as separate files. 

You may wish to indicate in the text of the article where the graphics need to be placed.

Articles are generally between 2500-5000 words, with graphics and endnotes extra. Please see  guidance on text and use of graphics in our Style Guide.


Reviews are generally 400 words or less for a single Cd or music score; somewhat more space can be given for a substantial book or item. Please see our Style Guide.

Short news, letters to the Editor, and comments

We welcome news of conferences, seminars and events, as well as new making/restoration projects, but we do not list concerts at the moment. If you have a short piece of news please use our form to send your news and advise if you have any graphics to submit.

If you want us to review a score, recording, or book

If you have a review item to supply, such as a music score, recording or book, please contact the Editor before despatching as we may be able to arrange for it to be despatched directly to the reviewer. Click to suggest a review item.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

By contributing, subscribing, ordering single issues, or advertising, you give us permission to collect the data obtained from the transaction to fulfill your orders and to communicate with you. We do not retain financial data after a transaction. We only keep your contact details and retain these as long as necessary to serve customers.