Terms & Conditions

Customer Contact Details are kept by Peacock Press Ltd. for the purposes of fulfilling subscriptions and advertisements.

Ad sizes and rates are valid only based on the most recent Ad rates or booking form. If an ad is booked on a form with rates valid up to Spr 2014, this means that the rates are valid until that issue is published. Rates for advertisements booked beyond the date on the advertisement booking form may be subject to an increase. Any increases will be made clear through an invoice issued by Peacock Press. New forms will be published periodically and these will indicate the final date of validity.

Advertisement bookings are provisional until accepted by Peacock Press. Acceptance will be deemed to have taken place when artwork is approved and an invoice is formally sent to the advertiser. If an advertisement is refused for any reason and payment has already taken place, the payment will be returned to the advertiser. If artwork is not received in the correct form prior to design, the advertisement will not be placed and the advertiser will have the choice of postponing the advertisement or receiving a refund for that advertisement. If any advertisment is to unable to be placed due to the artwork being of insufficient quality, Peacock Press will not be liable for any loss of business or damages arising from the non-placement of the advertisement.

Advertisers indemnify Peacock Press of any liability for loss of use, loss of business arising from anything published or from any delay in publishing or despatching.

Payment must be completed in full prior to fulfilment of subscriptions or advertisements.

Subscribers who have difficulties receiving subscriptions should notify Peacock Press immediately. In cases where issues do not arrive, Peacock Press will take each case on its own merit, and will either re-send the item or issue a refund.

Contributors who submit material for publication by Peacock Press give first publication rights to Peacock Press. If the contributor wishes to republish, permission must be sought from Peacock Press.


Any statement made by an article writer, short news item or other contributor does not represent the views of Peacock Press. In particular with regard to views expressed within a review, the views of the writer are to be taken only as the views of the writer and not Peacock Press. Any party who feels there is incorrect or biased information is encouraged to write to the Editor. Corrections may appear in print or on associated websites. Any statement about a product or service in an advertisement or review does not constitute an endorsement of this by Peacock Press.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

By contributing, subscribing, ordering single issues, or advertising, you give us permission to collect the data obtained from the transaction to fulfill your orders and to communicate with you. We do not retain financial data after a transaction. We only keep your contact details and retain these as long as necessary to serve customers.