Contents: Spring 2021

‘Queen Elizabeth’s Virginals’: from Venice to the Victoria & Albert Museum

Catherine Lorigan

The keyboard music of Charles Burney

Francis Knights

Muzio Clementi’s contribution to the history of music

Marina Rodríguez Brià

Composer Anniversaries 2021

John Collins

Remembering Kenneth Gilbert

Andrew Appel

A commemoration of Elizabeth de la Porte

Pamela Nash

Interview with Carole Cerasi

Pamela Hickman


Culliford, Rolfe and Barrow: a tale of ten pianos, Geoffrey Lancaster
Margaret Debenham

Before the Baton: musical direction and conducting in Stuart and Georgian Britain, Peter Holman
Michael Graham

Baroque Keyboard Fingering: a method, Claudio Di Veroli
Penelope Cave


Compositori della Scuola Romana de Napoletana, Jolando Scarpa (ed)
Edition Walhall EW462 (Magdeburg, 2019)
Francis Knights

REVIEWS: Recordings

Organic Creatures, Catalina Vicens (organ/ organetto)
Consouling Sounds SOUL0139 (2019), 2 CDs, recorded 2019, 124’
Francis Knights

Froberger: Complete Fantasias and Canzonas, Terence Charlston (clavichord)
Divine Art dda 25204 (2020), recorded 2019, 62’
David Griffel

Johann Jakob Froberger, Suites for Harpsichord, vol.1, Gilbert Rowland (harpsichord)
Divine Art Athene ath 23204 (2019), recorded 2018, 2 CDs, 119’
David Griffel

François Couperin – Complete Works for Harpsichord, Carole Cerasi (harpsichord)
Metronome METCD 1100 (2018), 10 CDs, 686’
Jon Baxendale

L’Unique: Harpsichord Music of François Couperin, Jory Vinikour (harpsichord)
Cedille CDR 90000 194 (2020), recorded 2019, 79’
John Kitchen

Handel, Great Suites, Chaconne, Babell Suite, Erin Helyard (harpsichord)
ABC Classics 481 5711 (2017), recorded 2017, 79’
John Kitchen

J S Bach, Trio Sonatas for two harpsichords, David Ponsford and David Hill (harpsichords)
Nimbus Alliance NI 6403 (2020), recorded 2019, 72’
Kathryn Cok

Mozartiana – Rarities and Arrangements Performed on Historical KeyboardsMichael Tsalka (tangent piano/fortepiano)
Grand Piano GP849 (2020), recorded 2018, 74’
Pamela Hickman

Paul Simmonds

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